One Eye Deer EP 9: Is the Customer King?

In “EP 9: Is the Customer King?” of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we discover if customers are always right when dealing in business.

Mr Mus, the owner of a renovation company, put his right-hand man, Nico, in charge while he had to travel overseas for a couple of days for a business trip.

Is the Customer King by J C Sum | Evolve and Adapt Singapore

The day Mr Mus left, a customer called Mr A sauntered into the office with his wife. Mr A looked at Nico head to toe and scoffed. But he, nevertheless, explained to Nico what he wanted. Nico noted Mr A’s needs and demands and worked out a quote and presented it to Mr A.

Mr A looked at the quote with a horrified face and said that the price is ridiculous and must be wrong. He scolded Nico and said he must not know what he is doing.

Four days later, Mr A returned, when Mr Mus was back from his business trip, with Mr A complaining about Nico being useless and incompetent and overcharged him in his quotation.

Mr Mus looked up and said, “It seems Nico made quite a big error. The fee for renovation is not $60,000; it should be $110,000, but I will give a 10% goodwill discount for the mistake.”

Mr A was shocked and did not know how to respond, and stormed off.

Why did this happen? Was Mr Mus right to manage the customer in this manner?

Join certified marketing management consultant, J C Sum, as he discusses further if customers are always the king when dealing in a business transaction.


01:14 Nico’s encounter with Mr. Mus’s potential customer.

03:55 Our experience with one of the clients at Evolve & Adapt.

05:33 So is the customer king?

07:21 Is customer king in B2B businesses?

08:10 Two types of companies regardless of size.

10:30 What is your real value?

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