Download these free digital marketing guides and books (PDF) that will help you fit digital marketing into your business.

The first guide details 5 marketing moves SMEs should take to survive in thrive in the new economy.

The next book explores the strategic role of digital marketing in the modern marketing mix instead of focusing on tactics.

The final book is a complete guide to digital marketing grants available in Singapore.

Evolve & Adapt Marketing Consultant Singapore

As we look forward to navigating the uncertainty of the current pandemic-affected world, resilience, creativity and offering value to the market will help businesses survive and thrive during these challenging times.

Economic and technological shifts in the digitally evolving world have fundamentally changed how customers buy, impacting how businesses market and sell to them. As the number of digitally assimilated customers increase, the need to evolve and adapt to these changes are necessary to flourish.

Adding to the difficulty is the changes within a company or from external forces that can create challenges or opportunities for businesses.

In this special guide, we share 5 marketing moves for SMEs to make in 2021 to adapt to modern consumer behaviour and make up for losses in business opportunities due to COVID-19.

We hope these moves will inspire you to “level up” your marketing game to increase brand awareness, lead generation and sales conversion.


Technological disruption has fundamentally changed industries and how businesses produce, distribute and operate.

The digitally evolving world has changed the way customers buy and in turn, changed the way entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers sell to their customers.

In the bid to market to customers in a digitally evolving world, many companies, especially offline ones, make the mistake of engaging in digital marketing immediately.

They set up social media advertising campaigns in the hopes to drive traffic to their website or product page. Thousands of dollars spent and a dozen clicks later, the poor return on investment suggests digital marketing is not working for the company.

Behind the Click | Free Digital Marketing Book

“Behind the Click” is a free digital marketing book (PDF) that discusses how digital marketing fits into your business.

This eBook is not designed as a textbook to train you to become a digital marketing practitioner by teaching tactical and technical implementation of online tools.

Instead, it will provide you with a broad overview understanding of what digital marketing is and how it fits into the modern marketing mix. 

We will also explore the distinction between digital marketing channels and assets, and the all-important digital marketing strategy.

This eBook was written for:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Sales Professionals


Complete Guide to Singapore Digital Grants | Evolve & Adapt

For a detailed guide on all the digital grants highlighted above with the relevant links and details, download “The Complete Guide to Singapore Digital Marketing Grants” for FREE.

The all-in-one compilation book also includes a “Step-by-Step Guide to Everything You Need to Know about the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG).

The EDG is the grant that is best suited for a business to transform digitally, upgrade and grow.

As online information is not as clear and complete as one would hope. we have put together the most comprehensive guide on all aspects of the EDG, based on our experience.


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