Download this free digital marketing book (PDF) that discusses how digital marketing fits into your business.

What makes this book unique is that it explores the strategic role of digital marketing in the modern marketing mix instead of focusing on tactics.

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Technological disruption has fundamentally changed industries and how businesses produce, distribute and operate.

Salespeople were once the gatekeepers of information. Regardless of whether you were a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) customer, if you needed information to evaluate a product or service, the salesperson would show you a brochure, demonstrate the product and answer any questions that you might have. You made an informed decision on a purchase, depending on how experienced and knowledgeable a salesperson was.

The modern consumer carries an Internet-connected supercomputer with her wherever she goes. She no longer depends on television ads, flyers handed out at a mall or a salesperson for advice on the best products or services.

She generally prefers to conduct online research on the comfort of her sofa. Social media, marketplace reviews and online reviews sites make it easy for her to learn about a product she is interested in. If she likes, she can make an order with just a few taps on her smartphone.

The digitally evolving world has changed the way customers buy and in turn, changed the way entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers sell to their customers.

In the bid to market to customers in a digitally evolving world, many companies, especially offline ones, make the mistake of engaging in digital marketing immediately.

They set up social media advertising campaigns in the hopes to drive traffic to their website or product page. Thousands of dollars spent and a dozen clicks later, the poor return on investment suggests digital marketing is not working for the company.


Behind the Click” is a free digital marketing book (PDF) that discusses how digital marketing fits into your business.

In the digital world, a “click” is an act of selecting an option on an electronic interface by pressing a button or touching a screen.

Essentially, a click brings you to another webpage, opens a dialogue box or launches an application.

In digital marketing, the term click is frequently used to describe a call-to-action where a prospect clicks on a hyperlink or a banner ad. Or, you might have also heard terms like click-through-rate (C.T.R.) or pay-per-click (P.P.C.). Both are metrics used in web analytics based on clicks.

So, “behind the click”, is a fitting metaphor for understanding the discipline of digital marketing.

Behind the Click | Free Digital Marketing Book

This eBook is not designed as a textbook to train you to become a digital marketing practitioner by teaching tactical and technical implementation of online tools.

Instead, it will provide you with a broad overview understanding of what digital marketing is and how it fits into the modern marketing mix. 

We will also explore the distinction between digital marketing channels and assets, and the all-important digital marketing strategy.

This eBook was written for:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Sales Professionals

Download the eBook and find out how to make digital marketing work for your business.


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