Evolve & Adapt is a strategic marketing consulting firm in Singapore specializing in strategy and hybrid marketing (traditional and digital marketing).

Our strategic marketing consulting focus includes:

Evolve & Adapt Marketing Consultant Singapore

At Evolve & Adapt, we believe that marketing is the core of every business.

We work with businesses to craft and fine-tune their fundamental marketing & business strategies to ensure they are positioned to evolve and adapt with market changes.

As a certified marketing consulting firm, our fundamental business strategy framework is a model we call the Marketing Inverted PyramidTM.

This framework guides an organization’s strategy and tactics with three aspects of marketing that work in succession and in a cyclical manner to build and grow a business.

The three aspects of marketing are:

  1. Value Creation (Innovation)
  2. Communication (Engagement)
  3. Brand Equity (Positioning)
The Marketing Inverted Pyramid | J C Sum

Learn more about the Marketing Inverted PyramidTM HERE

In addition, we utilize a variety of other analytical and problem-solving frameworks to help businesses address profitability, brand equity, positioning and sales performance.

Strategic Marketing Consulting | Evolve & Adapt

Jack Trout and Al Ries’ concept of positioning is the cornerstone of our branding strategy.

As practitioners of this strategy for 20 years, we have the experience and expertise to help your business develop a position that it can own in the minds of the marketplace.

As part of our strategic marketing consulting focus, we work with your sales team to ensure there is cross-functional alignment with marketing strategy and tactics so that your profit drivers work in tandem to deliver results.


As Evolve & Adapt is an Enterprise Singapore-recognised certified management consultant, SG companies who engage us can apply for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to help offset consultancy-related costs (SMEs up to 70%; non-SMEs up to 50% of qualified costs). Learn more here.

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