The Google Core Web Vitals Update that Most Business Owners are Not Aware of

If you depend on your website for leads or sales, the Google core web vitals update taking place in May 2021 may have a tremendously adverse effect on your business.

Most business owners and managers are not even aware of this change that is about to take place.

Watch the video below first.

In the simplest terms, the core web vitals update is about a new way Google is ranking websites.

Google Core Web Vitals Update

Google is now adding what it calls “Page Experience” signals to its ranking algorithm. These include things like how fast a page loads and how fast a page interacts with a user on mobile and on desktop.

Core web vitals are technical aspects of a site and critical factors are highlighted in the graphic from Google below.

Graphic from Google

Weak Core Web Vitals Can Impact Your Leads and Sales by 38%

If your site’s core web vitals are weak and not optimized, your website will load slower on mobile and desktop.

A site’s slow speed directly affects conversions of leads and sales.

Google Core Web Vitals Update

In addition, Google’s places significant importance on user experience.

If a site has weak core web vitals, it will have poor user experience (slow loading and interactivity). This will cause Google to push the site down the rankings. That means a site can drop from page 1 to page 2 or further.

Lower Google rankings means less people will find your site on Google. Lower traffic means fewer leads which results in a plunge in sales.

How to Check Your Site's Core Web Vitals

The easiest way to check if your site’s core vitals are strong is to use the official Google Pagespeed Insights tool found here.

    • Simply enter your website URL into the box and perform the check.
    • Google will analyze your site based on their search algorithm criteria.
    • Wait for Google’s Pagespeed Insights score.
Google Pagespeed Insights

Be sure to check your score for both Mobile and Desktop.

Google Mobile Pagespeed Score
Example of Mobile PageSpeed Insights Score
Google Desktop Pagespeed Score
Example of Desktop PageSpeed Insights Score

A Great Score

If your site scores above 75/ 100 for both mobile and desktop, great job! Your site will be protected against the Google core vitals update.

An Okay Score

If your site scores between 50/ 100 to 74/100, you should consider optimizing your site. Your site and business may be affected by the Google core vitals update especially if your competitors’ websites are optimized for better performance.

A Poor Score (FAIL)

If your site scores below 50/ 100, you should address all the issues that are affecting your core vitals.

Do not wait.

The longer you wait, the greater your business will be seriously affected when the Google core vitals update takes effect in May 2021.

Prevention is much better (and cheaper) than repair.



As optimizing core web vitals is a technical subject, it will be unlikely that you can address all the issues yourself. As such, you can purchase our Core Web Vitals Optimization Package to ensure your website and business is 100% protected from Google’s May 2021 update.

What We Will Do

If you have a WordPress, Shopify, Wix or Custom HTML website, our Core Vitals Optimization Package will solve all your problems.

We will ensure your PageSpeed Insights for both mobile and desktop will be optimized to at least a score of 75/ 100.

While we will strive to achieve the best possible score, each website is unique due to its content management system, amount of content, site architecture and amount of coding involved.

We will optimise your website within 10 working days and send you a report.

100% Money-back Guarantee

If we cannot optimise your website within 10 working days, we will refund your money in full*.

We will also ensure your optimisation score is maintained with our 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.*

*This is assuming the slow performance is NOT due to your website’s web hosting server/ plan limitations and there are no major design and content changes made to your website within the period.

90-minute sPECIAL OFFER

It is projected that businesses that do not optimize their sites can lose as much as 38% of business through the loss of leads and sales.

If your site typically generates $10,000 of business a month, you stand to lose almost $46,000 a year!

If you order in the next 90 minutes, the cost of protecting your site against the Google update is as follows:

For one site with 200 pages or less


U.P. S899.00


For one site with 300 pages or less


U.P. S1250.00


For one site with 400 pages or less


U.P. S1606.00


For one site with 500 pages or less


U.P. S1963.00


For sites with more than 500 pages of if you have a query, contact us for a quote at [email protected]

HOW TO check the Number of pages of your website

To check how many pages your website has, go to and type in:


Hit “Search”.

Look at the top left corner for the number of results shown. That is the number of pages your site has.

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