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Be motivated and inspired by this entertaining and insightful read that offers practical, hard-hitting and sometimes creatively unorthodox advice for businesses in a digitally evolving world.

“EVOLVE, ADAPT OR COLLAPSE” reveals what businesses need to do with their marketing game in order to survive and thrive in these transformative times. eBook Instant Download.



A strategy and digital marketing consultant that walks the talk” ~ CNA938


Mr Sum speaks like a business guru” ~ The Business Times


A man who has more than two decades worth of experience in the digitally evolving world” ~ Money FM 89.3

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In a new book by strategy consultant, J C Sum, he details what non-digitally-assimilated businesses globally have realized in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need to evolve and adapt.

From understanding hybrid strategy to implementing traditional and digital marketing channels, this entertaining and insightful read offers practical, hard-hitting and sometimes creatively unorthodox advice for businesses in a digitally evolving world.

For the first time, Sum shares his “Marketing Inverted PyramidTM”, a new marketing-based fundamental business framework. As an upgrade from the traditional “four Ps of marketing”, this model guides an organization’s strategies and tactics, in an analogue or digital world.

Disruptive technology, globalization, geopolitical instability, rising costs and regulations, all create adversity for businesses over time, regardless of the size of the company, location or nature of the industry. However, these challenges have been compounded by the socio-economic and cultural shifts in the digitally savvy consumer mindset.

“EVOLVE, ADAPT OR COLLAPSE: Bottom Line Driven Marketing in a Digitally Evolving World” reveals what businesses need to do with their marketing game to survive and thrive in transformative times.

By understanding how the modern customer journey has changed due to digital disruption, business owners, entrepreneurs, senior management and marketing & sales professionals will gain insight on bottom line driven marketing strategies that will help grow sales numbers fast.

Within these pages, you will learn:

  • How the Digitally Evolving World Impacts Business
  • Why Everything Starts with Marketing
  • How to Position Your Business Against the Competition
  • How Digital Marketing Fits In
  • The Need for Hybrid Marketing
  • How to Evolve & Adapt Your Business


It is time for your business to evolve, adapt or collapse!

eBook. Instant Download.

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About the Author

J C Sum is a strategy & digital marketing consultant with 20 years of international entertainment & event marketing and project management experience in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Europe.

He is the founder of marketing consultancy firm, Evolve & Adapt, and represents a new generation of hybrid marketers, knowledgeable and experienced in both traditional and digital marketing.

J C Sum is a certified management consultant (TR 43:2015) and an American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®) in marketing management, as well as a certified digital marketing strategist (SSG-WSQ accredited) with 11 years of experience specializing in search engine optimization, content marketing and analytics.

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  1. Annie Go

    An excellent book on explaining how businesses need to evolve and adapt. This is more of a book on business and marketing strategy rather than how-to tactics. An overall easy read with a good introduction on digital marketing to those who may not be familiar with the scope.

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