One Eye Deer EP 18: Strategy for a B2B2C Business

In “EP 18: Strategy for a B2B2C Business” of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, learn how you can implement a strategy for a B2B2C business.

B2B2C refers to business to business to customer.

Strategy for a B2B2C Business by J C Sum | Evolve & Adapt Singapore

But first, let us understand the more traditional B2C and B2B business models.

B2C means a business sells to consumers, while B2B is a business that sells to other businesses.

This means B2B2C is a business sells to consumers and businesses in parallel

As a category, it is harder to explain and understand than B2C or B2B. But it is becoming increasingly important.

In the simplest terms, B2B2C is when a business manufactures a product and distributes the product through a network of channels or sales partners. 

However, they also accept orders, direct from customers, through their own eCommerce store. In which case, they do not have to pay a cut to the channel partner.

There are some key benefits of a B2B2C model, including reduced operating costs, better access to customer data and insights, and leverage the credibility of distribution partners.

So how can you take advantage of the B2B2C business model?

Join certified marketing management consultant, J C Sum, as he discusses the strategy to a successful B2B2C business.


01:01 B2B2C model in layman’s term.

03:42 Key benefits of a B2B2C model.

05:33 B2B2C model on the other side of the coin.

07:00 One key B2B2C strategy adopted by Evolve and Adapt.

08:48 Other best practices to follow in B2B2C model.

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J C Sum

J C Sum is a certified management consultant (TR 43:2015), an American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®) in marketing management as well as a certified digital marketing strategist (SSG-WSQ accredited) with 12 years of experience specializing in search engine optimization, content marketing, and analytics. J C holds a Bachelor of Arts from National University of Singapore and is the author of "Evolve, Adapt or Collapse". He has been featured on The Straits Times, Business Times, Channel News Asia, The Edge Singapore, CNA938, and Money FM 89.3.