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Benjamin Franklin outlined one of the simplest and most effective marketing methods in history:

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Simple right? Well, simple in concept but much tougher in practice. For a business, creating an awesome product that is worth writing about is not always enough. You must often also be able to market and sell the product, communicate directly to and engage your customers, and somehow be consistently innovative in all aspects of your business.

Adding to the difficulty is the changes within the company or from external forces that can create challenges or opportunities for businesses. However, depending on how companies react to these drivers, these changes may help them progress, or they may tear them apart. Change is inevitable, but progress is not, which is why businesses fail to evolve, adapt and sometimes collapse.

Technological disruption has fundamentally changed industries and how businesses produce, distribute and operate. The digitally evolving world has also changed the way customers buy and in turn, changed the way entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers sell to their customers.

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Based in Singapore, Evolve & Adapt is a certified Singapore management consultant that specialises in hybrid marketing training and consulting. Through these articles, we share our experience and thoughts on bottom line drive marketing strategies in a digitally evolving world.

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J C Sum

J C Sum is a certified management consultant (TR 43:2015), an American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®) in marketing management as well as a certified digital marketing strategist (SSG-WSQ accredited) with 12 years of experience specializing in search engine optimization, content marketing, and analytics. J C holds a Bachelor of Arts from National University of Singapore and is the author of "Evolve, Adapt or Collapse". He has been featured on The Straits Times, Business Times, Channel News Asia, The Edge Singapore, CNA938, and Money FM 89.3.