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Is Your Business Primarily B2B or B2C?

Are Your Business Operations/ Fulfilment Primarily Offline or Online?

What Percentage of Your Inquiries Come Through Online Channels?

Do You Have a Digital Marketing Strategy and/ or Plan?

When Was the Last Time Your Website was Updated?

Where Does Your Website Appear on Google When Customers Search for a Product or Service that You Offer?

Do You Have an Active Social Media Account?

How Familiar is Your Marketing Team with Digital Marketing?

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Disclaimer: While Evolve & Adapt is a certified management consultant, the information presented in this e-assessment is not intended to be all-inclusive and does not constitute legal advice. It is highly recommended that business owners consult with a certified management consultant of their choosing directly to help them understand business strategy and marketing issues pertaining to their business. 

Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared.

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